We like to be there as a personal coach for employees to guide them through their specific challenges. A trajectory can be about: making conscious work or career choices, growing in certain competencies, necessary adjustments, preparing for a promotion or a new role. At the start of the trajectory, we clearly define the goals together with the coachee, the team leader, and the coach. We agree on the number of sessions together and evaluate at the end of each session and trajectory.

To complement and support a coaching trajectory, we provide the option of working with ‘Host Your Career’. An online tool developed by us that helps to make concrete what a ‘good’ career means to participants, and potential next steps to take in that regard. Users go through several exercises at their own pace, supplemented by (online) coaching sessions with one of our coaches for a total of 90 minutes. ‘Host Your Career’ can be used in individual coaching trajectories, to prepare for career interviews, or to be included in an exit package, to part ways with employees in a more human way.

In a leadership trajectory, we coach leaders at all levels: from team leader to CEO. Leaders need to take on several roles and that can be quite a challenge. Providing direction and clarity, so that the ship stays on course. But also motivating their employees and learning how to delegate responsibilities. Being strategic and tactical in the organization. At the same time offering the necessary care and support to people and teams. And who helps the leaders in all of this? Together with the organization, we find out which leadership qualities are important within your specific corporate culture and context. We set up an individual coaching trajectory to help develop these qualities.

We are happy to be the rebels on demand!


Anouk Jorissen

‘A real eye-opener in learning about myself with the online platform’’

“I got to work with Captain & Stoker’s online coaching concept ‘Host Your Career’. That consists of several online exercises and a 90-minute online coaching session. I found it a very engaging environment to work in, that gave me food for thought. The specific questions that were asked, offered much depth. The exercises worked a bit like a funnel: you start out broadly and eventually reach the essence. I found it a real eye-opener in learning about myself. The exercises and the conversation made me think about what exactly I want and what the possibilities are in my future career.”
Heidi Wouters -
HR Business Partner Alken-Maes

“Safety and openness to embrace ”

“Ann, Tine, and Kim have guided quite a few individual in-house coaching programs. Their coaching programs are experienced by our employees as valuable time to dig deeper into themselves, their values, and beliefs, and where those come from. Captain & Stoker’s coaches are at the same time warm and straightforward. They create safety and openness to embrace the growth that is offered. Each time, they provide great methods, tips, and tricks. Above all, they offer support and encourage self-reflection that stays close to the coachee.”
Natalie Deviaene -

“She sees us without judgment”

“Hilde of Captain & Stoker is our ‘in-house coach’. She is warm but critical, and genuinely curious about how we want to approach things. She sees us without judgment. She keeps on asking (and asking) and makes us think. She shows the possibilities and pitfalls, she inspires and challenges. And she always does so in a clear way. Oh yes, and she is incredibly nice too! ;-)””
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We are happy to be the rebels on demand!

We’d love to meet for coffee to see which formula suits your organization best!