As an organization, you do what you are good at: you develop a new strategy, a different focus, new products, a new business model, or a different story. We do our thing and help you organize internally for this.

Obviously, we like to give our rebellious twist to this. No old methods or structures for new challenges. No classic organizational chart or matrix structure if that doesn’t suit you. No top-down approach if change and innovation is needed from the bottom up. No watertight function descriptions if flexible working is crucial to you.

We start from your vision and strategy, clearly define it, and translate it further into what is needed for your organization in terms of values, behavior, corporate culture, leadership style, responsibilities, roles, internal processes, or collaboration.

Facilitating your entrepreneurship and innovation is our focus. A human approach and working sustainably are key to us.


Some examples:
  • Defining the vision and principles of, for instance, customer-oriented working from the bottom up, through workshops with all teams. Translating the outcome into behavior and roles, a service model, and an internal training program for existing and new employees.
  • Guiding an organization with a new business model that wants to approach customers differently from now on, to adjust their internal organization, roles, structure, and collaboration in this respect, and to involve employees in the development and elaboration.
  • Creatively setting up change trajectories to get people on board with a change (e.g., the implementation of a new process, service, or product).
  • Guiding the management of a start-up in a growth spurt to clearly define corporate culture, behavior, the right people and roles, through coaching and internal workshops.
  • Guiding an organization in a restart from ‘organic working’ and ‘intuitive recruiting’ to the necessary internal and external clarity: developing an HR framework with roles, competencies, career opportunities, and remuneration. This can be done as a consultancy assignment or as a (temporary) HR business partner.
  • Translating the new vision for the future and growth strategy into behavior and competencies for team leaders and executives. By involving leaders and coaching them in outlining their own change process, and by guiding and coaching their teams.
  • Embedding the creative and innovative mindset in an organization by coaching ‘ambassadors’ within the organization. We give them a ‘masterclass training’ in creative techniques and guide them in setting up innovative initiatives within the organization.
  • Bringing about innovation from the bottom up by launching an innovation initiative such as a hackathon. We guide the candidates by providing them with the necessary tools, we supervise the process and the pitch of the end results to the management.
  • Defining the organization’s vision and values through creative techniques such as Lego Serious Play ©. A very powerful method that can get everyone involved.
  • Analyzing work processes and making them consistent. What are we doing? Does it still make sense that we’re doing it this way? We help the team to identify the ‘lessons learned’ and to move together toward a consistent workflow.


Mie Van der Auwera -

Growing toward "becoming even more ourselves”

“As an organization, you are always changing. You grow, expand your offer, new people with different skill sets join, and there you go; suddenly you notice that you need an external perspective to go to the next level. That’s the moment to turn to a coach. And that’s how we did it at MMBSY, together with Ann Piessens. Her clear view and approach offer added value in a process of ‘becoming your true self even more’. And that rebellious side fits us like a glove!”
Tim Bottelbergs -
Chief Gust van aiGUST

“Attentive to the undercurrent in an organization”

“Kim is our strategic sparring partner for everything that involves people. Among other things, she carries out HR tasks concerning recruitment, the start-up and follow-up of new employees. I would describe her style as no-nonsense. She is attentive to the undercurrent in an organization and is very committed to our people. Her HR advice comes from within the group, not from some ivory tower. She’s attentive to the way people fit in an organization and detects potential tensions before they are actually visible. She can bring peace of mind to a group, helps people to feel heard, and creates perspective by showing a different way of looking at things.”
Vassilis Syropoulos - Founder & CEO –
Juyo Analytics

“A great framework to further build our corporate culture”

“Kim led a Lego Serious Play workshop at Juyo Analytics, on behalf of Ouzia, and that truly was a spot-on workshop! The Lego exercise was fantastic, we were very impressed with the results! The workshop has helped us to concretely define our values and to get everyone on the same page when it comes to which behavior now fits those values. This provided us with a great framework to further build our corporate culture. Kim perfectly senses what is needed at every step of our journey together and was very committed to the team. That’s why we asked her back to help us support the continued growth of our team. We did a FourSight workshop to get to know ourselves and each other even better, and we were given tools to face and solve the current challenges as a team.”
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We are happy to be the rebels on demand!

We’d love to meet for coffee to see which formula suits your organization best!