- annebel

I am an architect, but 10 years ago I decided to start singing professionally. Because I tend to always give everything my all, I crashed at some point, and that’s how I ended up with Captain & Stoker for career guidance. I wanted to know: how can I be creative, but still protect my boundaries? My self-confidence was at an all-time low. I felt like I had failed in both architecture and music. So, what could I do? My coach was a great listener and instinctively knew what I needed.  She’s positive, stimulating, and wonderfully natural. By making a timeline, I discovered that I had actually done so much already throughout my life.

I am a student landlord and oversee a student house in Antwerp. That’s a job too, even though I didn’t see it that way before. My coach made me realize that I’m not looking for another job right away, as I want to keep enough energy to give my creativity free rein. Meanwhile, my first real cabaret show ‘Vakwerk’ is almost finished! I am who I am and that is ‘enough’. I wouldn’t want to lead my life any other way.



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