- frederick

As a result of the COVID pandemic, I have little perspective concerning the opportunities that my current position has to offer. During a dinner party on the coach’s boat, we got talking and she told me that she was a career coach. That’s how I ended up with her. My coach is wonderfully to-the-point and goes straight to the essence. That style suits me. I remember her saying at one point, “Now, you will look for some great positions on job sites and I will do the same for you, and then we’ll see if we discover commonalities.”

I thought that was a great exercise. I realized that I need to look more for change and project management, with both a strategic and a clear hands-on aspect: analyzing situations, making creative proposals for improvement, and also helping to bring them about in the field. I love working with people and being resourceful. That’s also why I’m a photographer as a secondary occupation.


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