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I had been organizing promotional campaigns for the cultural sector for ten years. I always loved the human contact, but I started to get tired of the organizational aspect. It was time for something different. Through career guidance, I wanted to explore what else was out there. During the trajectory with my coach, I discovered: what YOU are doing, I want to do too! I enrolled in the postgraduate program ‘Inspirational Coaching’ and am now an independent life coach as a secondary occupation. My website? SupporterVanMensen (SupporterOfPeople). Captain & Stoker has a very accessible, fun way of working.

My coach asked a lot about my past and previous success experiences. At one point she told me, “Let’s do some googling together for suitable trainings and fun inspiration!” And that’s how she encouraged me to take action. To me, a coach is someone who brings fresh air into your mind through questions, so that new ideas can form, and old ideas can mature.


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