- Rosanne

I am an organizational psychologist and often recommend career coaching to people. After several years of working, I needed it myself. My first coaching trajectory gave me peace of mind, and I got to know myself better. I discovered my strengths and what I was good at. Above all, it boosted my self-confidence. And that enabled me to put my own spin to my job. This summer I reached another turning point. My head was filled with 101 dreams and creative ideas, and yet I didn’t manage to choose one to turn into a hobby or a secondary occupation.

My coach gave me the proverbial kick in the butt to finally do something with all of this. She is straightforward, very honest, and very motivating. I find it so refreshing and nice to have someone who tells me, “Come on, do it, Rosanne! What’s holding you back?” To me, the coaching sessions are a form of self-care, a moment just for me, to gather my thoughts and get a clear picture of my ideas.


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