Some years ago, I turned to career guidance with Captain & Stoker, because I was curious about what I still wanted to achieve professionally. I had a fun job in the cultural sector, but sometimes wondered what else was out there. I liked having someone encourage and stimulate me to take action. During the sessions with my coach, I discovered: “What YOU are doing, I want that too!” I really love listening to people. I already did so back in the youth club as a leader and group leader, and with friends. I’ve always loved those encouraging conversations. I often hear that people quickly feel at ease with me. After my own coaching trajectory, I enrolled in the postgraduate program ‘Inspirational Coaching’, and now I am a self-employed coach as a secondary occupation. I combine that with a communications job with the city of Antwerp.

As a coach, I want to bring fresh air in my coachees’ minds. I truly believe that when you take the time for what you find important, you also grow as a person. Your thoughts get more space, so that new insights and ideas take shape. I help coachees find what gives them energy and what motivates them to make choices and take action. I help them get a clear view of themselves and their desires. They determine the direction and I encourage them.

Do they feel a bit down or are they looking for a change? I provide support in those situations, too. I listen to their stories, worries, and wishes, and together we search for answers that are suitable and that help. I inspire, challenge, and set in motion. My coachees determine their own pace and the next step. I encourage them, and try to do so gently, but to the point and with humor. That’s how I like to give that extra push on the way to an inspiring change process.


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