Empathetic, powerful, and with a touch of humor

- Inge

With a background in social work and a long-term tenure at VDAB – where my passion laid in guiding job seekers – I eventually found myself in the world of coaching. Prior to that, I had already been volunteering for the Youth Helpline, and I found it to be a wonderful experience to actively listen and assist young people. I also had a very positive coaching experience myself, where the coach didn’t tell me what to do, but helped me discover it within myself. She asked the right questions, empowered me, and took my values into account, allowing me to quickly grasp the essence of what I wanted.

A turning point in my coaching journey was when a colleague told me about the ‘Inspiring Coaching’ training. I felt that it was professionally time for a new challenge. The training turned out to be super interesting and provided theoretical frameworks for the things I was already doing and sensing. After completing the postgraduate program, I decided to start my own practice.

As a coach, I value being empathetic, with a dash of humor, all while standing in my own power. These are also the qualities I appreciate in a coach for myself. My coachees can expect me to be stable and authentic, and that we will collaborate in a calm and enjoyable manner. I empathize with them and tailor my approach to their needs so that they feel safe and comfortable. It’s heartwarming to hear from people that they feel at ease with me and that they feel free to be themselves without fear of judgment. I help them piece together their life puzzle and they can turn to me for a variety of challenges, career questions, and life inquiries. I bring strength, balance, intuition, and empathy to our sessions, but above all, I bring myself, Inge.


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