Bringing Back the Sparkle in Someone's Eyes


As a manager in a rehabilitation hospital, I developed a growing interest in coaching employees, recognizing its value in their growth and development, and I wanted more. Seeking concrete tools to improve myself, I discovered Jef Clement’s ‘Inspirational Coaching’. These training sessions resonated with my approach and felt like coming home. I also completed a resilience and burnout coaching program. Resilience isn’t innate; it’s a skill that can be developed.

Authenticity is crucial to me as a coach, and I believe in leading by example, even in small things. I underwent career coaching myself and found it enjoyable and enriching to take time to reflect on questions like: What do I enjoy? What do I find important? Sometimes, the answers are surprising. We rarely take the time to slow down, reflect, and think about what we truly want in life. For me, it became clear that I get energized by engaging with people. This realization pushed me to finally take the leap to become a part-time freelance coach.

I would like to make time with my coachees to explore what presents itself, to examine it, and to dare to go deeper. I love sparking awareness in people, which naturally leads to change. I confront, but always with a touch of humor. Lightness and translating insights into practical life applications are vital to me.

Do you know that feeling of wanting to take a step but hesitating to put your foot down? I aim to challenge and support people simultaneously, helping them land in something they love, perhaps even a long-held dream. I delight in seeing the sparkle return to my coachees’ eyes, that ‘yes’-feeling when you hit the right note. That’s why I do what I do.

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Bringing Back the Sparkle in Someone’s Eyes
As a manager in a rehabilitation hospital, I developed a growing interest in coaching employees, recognizing…


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