No-Nonsense Coaching with a Touch of Humor


Hi, I’m Tommy, a passionate coach with a career full of inspiring and transformative experiences. My mission? To connect with people on a deep level and help them get closer to their true selves so they can transform and grow.

After graduating as an educator, I started in youth care and quickly moved into street outreach work. Here, I advanced to a leading and coordinating role, supporting teams helping achieve strategic goals. Later, I joined the City of Antwerp, where I guided leaders as a trainer and coach, and embedded coaching into the HR policy.

My coaching style is straightforward: getting to the core quickly – ‘cut the crap’. I’m known for my ability to connect easily and put people at ease, allowing them to be themselves. I combine confrontation with support, challenging my coachees to break through limiting beliefs and providing them with the tools and insights to make real changes. And I do this with a good dose of humor because even serious matters can use a bit of lightness.

During the pandemic, I faced burnout and sought an unconventional career coach who looked beyond standard methods. I found someone who included a spiritual perspective and helped me discover what truly mattered to me. This experience has profoundly influenced my own coaching approach: I aim for deeper values and work with my coachees to uncover what really matters.

As a freelance coach and trainer, I work with leaders, teams, and individuals. I support them in developing shared leadership, purposefulness, and organizational engagement. With my expertise, I help them establish a feedback culture and make effective use of peer review and supervision sessions. In short, I offer no-nonsense coaching with a personal touch and a healthy dose of humor. After all, weighty matters sometimes need a good laugh.

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No-Nonsense Coaching with a Touch of Humor
Hi, I’m Tommy, a passionate coach with a career full of inspiring and transformative experiences. My mission…
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