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Toward a job that suits you better

After 5 years of working, I reached out to a coach through VDAB. I was stuck. I felt reluctant to go to work, procrastinated a lot, didn’t feel good about myself. Even though I had started the job with much enthusiasm. My coach helped me see where I had gotten stuck and guided me toward what suits me better: mentoring people and working on projects. That wasn’t yet a specific new job, but I could move on.

I prefer people who are straightforward and honest. And who have my best interests at heart at the same time. That’s where I learn the most. Like my first boss, who said, “You don’t know what you want.” That hit me hard, but actually, he was right. Back then, I wanted everything at once, and too much. That has stayed with me and made me grow. Images help too. Someone once told me, “You are a sponge. Even though you don’t have the expertise yet, you ask questions, you take everything in, clarify it, and do something with it. That’s more important to me than knowing how to do it already.” I found that beautiful. That someone voices what you’re good at or what makes you special. Or people who believe in you and give you that push. I am currently working as a freelancer with someone who is always excited about what I am doing. At the same time, she gets me to say what I really dream of and sometimes gives me an assignment that is way out of my comfort zone.

I want to be that supporter for others too. It never fails to give me great satisfaction when I notice during my career coaching sessions that the question marks in people’s eyes disappear and make way for enthusiasm. I help sort things out, clarify them, and make people conscious. Put things in order and make conscious choices. Then I see people gaining more confidence and growing excited to tackle things or take action. The effects are beautiful to see. No matter how specific people’s situations sometimes are, the questions are always very common. Everyone struggles at times, including with their career. I love to put my back into that.


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